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Mini-Z linkpage


My Home-Made Circuit

Circuit 1 ('Offroad')

Circuit 2 ('Home Onroad')

Circuit 2 (Club Onroad')

Since the Overland was made to travel where no other Mini-Z could go (Monster did not exist yet), I decided to put the car to the test. The track is not finished yet, but here's a general idea of what I'm trying to do. Everything is made from ~9mm diameter wooden sticks, all tied together using only rope. I only drilled holes in the sticks that make up the bridge, because if I didn't, and one stick came loose, the whole bridge would collapse...
Everything is quite sturdy, and I found that this is a really cheap hobby for people who like to make bridges and such. I suppose it's even educational... But who cares, on top of all that: it's great fun :p


The on-ramp. As you can see I had to cut the vertical posts from the ramp: the monster was a bit too wide to fit between them...

All I need now is a way to get off the thing... I have an idea, but am not sure how to realise it yet...

...And yes, the truck can go under the bridge as well...
The on-ramp is foldable, for easier storage...

Narrow fit...

At some point, I am bound to make a movie of this..

Home Circuit

I will put this under the same section as the MonsterTrack.

Together with a friend, I am searching for a good and affordable way to make our own circuit. I bought some cheap carpet at 1.99 EUR/m² (12m² in total) . My friend glued velcro to an insulation tube for pipes (cut in half). We also bought some ventilation-pipe-finishing-discs as curbstones. The result can be seen below. It works great, and is great fun.

Club Circuit

As the club I drive at ( will be hosting a round of the Belgian championship soon, we needed a decent track. So one of the other members drew the circuit, and I'm building it. Still have a lot of work, but some parts are starting to take shape... Just a pic for now, more to come!

The pics above are just some progress pics. In the mean time, we've been using this track at our club for months - and it works really well. We have 4 different layouts for now, and it's pretty easy to add others. I'm very happy I made this, it's a huge improvement to racing between tubes and cones. I believe it's even better than RCP: RCP has too much grip, my track uses carpet, and if you use the right carpet it's loads of fun. Another advantage is that you don't get stuck if you hit the sides as you do with RCP, and your tires last longer. On top of all that - it's cheaper!

This is what we used to run on:

This was the first version of the circuit:

One of the parts: the mounting leg for the LapZ lap counter device.

Obviously problems occur when using this track...

...Which are easiky fixed...

Another set of parts: A T-part connecting boards. These are vital for making a decent track.

One of the parts took a lot of time to make: this is the bridge over the track, holding the lap counting device. I cut out the letters making up he name of our club.


Layout 3:

Layout 1:

Layout 2:

Layout 3:




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