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Monster Pics

Okay, I needed another car (I really don't have enough yet. Really.). And this time, it had to be the monster. I don't like the chrome look that much, but this car has a lot of necessary options, and it was just a lot cheaper to buy this one, than it would have been to buy a standard model and hop it up.

The car is REALLY fun to drive. The MR02 is too flat, and is a lot of fun when driving on a circuit, but when it comes to some good old bashing, it's no good at all. So now I have the MR02 for racing, and the monster for bashing :p
The monster does great jumps and handles really well. I fitted it with cooler tyres right away, which even improved traction a bit (I think that's due to the tyre inserts... )

About the pictures: I wanted to take some, to be able to put them online as soon as possible. Due to my impatience, they aren't very good. I'll take better ones when I feel like it...

One of the options: Oil filled shocks. Took me a while to find out I still had to fill these, out-of-the-box, but after I did, they were just perfect. Other options: and X-speed motor, aluminium wheelnuts and full ball bearings. This is the only miniZ I know that I would drive out-of-the-box.

Nice articulation - for a 17cm truck!

Check out them tyres - they be cool!




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