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Skyline (AWD)
McLaren F1 (MR02)
MR02LM (MR02)
Concept GT (MR01)


Delorean 1
Delorean 2
Toyota Trueno
Porsche 934 Vaillant
Porsche 934 Jägermeisster
Ferrari Testarossa
Nissan 350Z
Nissan GT-R
Countach LP500S
Viper GTS-R
Ferrari 360 Ecosse
Ferrari 360
MadMax Interceptor
Lexus SC430
Skyline 2F2F
Mercedes SLR
Lancia Delta
Golf GTI
Ford GT
Morris Mini
Mini Cooper S
Mercedes G55L
Ferrari 575
Corvette C5R
Porsche 935
Ferrari Enzo
McLaren F1 Gulf
McLaren F1 Kokusai
McLaren F1 (orange)
Audi A4 S-Line
Audi A4 Red Bull
Ferrari 430 Yellow
Ferrari 430 Red
Ferrari 430 White
Ferrari F40
Hummer H2
Ferrari FFX
Mazda 787
Mazda 787 (2)
Nissan 350Z Nismo
Subaru Impreza
Aston Martin
Honda NSX
Lancer Evo X
Ferrari F355
Porsche 911 GT1
McLaren F1 GTR


Mini-Z linkpage


Kyosho Mini-Z

Kyosho Mini-Z racers are very small but very professional RC cars. At 1/28th scale, they really are quite tiny, but when hopped up right, pack a h*ll of a punch. All sorts of options are available, such as tyres, motors, alumimium-, carbon-, and titanium parts, ...

These cars are becoming increasingly popular, espescially in winter time, when larger RC vehicles offer little chance of being run - outdoors.

These cars run on 4 AAA type batteries. In their standard (non-tuned) form, they can achieve runtimes of upto 45 minutes. They also come with very detailed hard-plastic bodies.

Five kinds of cars are being manufactured right now:

Mini-Z Racers, available in 3 chassis versions: MR01, MR02 and All-wheel drive. MR02 is the most recent chassis, and has numerous advantages over MR01. Let's just call it evolution.

Mini-Z Overland Cars, the offroad, rally and SUV type of cars. These cars can handle rougher surfaces, but have less hop-ups because they're not as suited for racing as the Mini-Z Racers

Mini-Z Formula 1 cars. These are only suited for very flat surfaces, and are the most vulnerable of the Mini-Z's

Mini-Z Monster Trucks. These can handle the roughest terrains, are excellent for off-roading and pulling wheelies. These largest of the Mini-Z's can even be raced...




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