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IWaver Concept GT

I came across an ad on the internet for this car. As my MR02 chassis could not be used with the Delorean, I needed a spare chassis to drive around with that fabulous bodyshell. I bought the set in a heartbeat.

Iwaver is a 'cheapo' version of MR01 chassis. It is fully compatible with the Kyosho MR01's, but the quality is a lot less than the real deal. As I said above, I purely bought this to drive my Delorean...

A first global overlook. Looks a lot like a Porsche Carrera GT...

The window comes out, to make it a convertible...

Looks better without the window...

It's a quality thing: the window doesn't quite fit the car, so you really should remove it to make the car look a bit better... But then you've got the chassis to look at...

The coolest thing about the IWaver - except it's good value for money (or should I say: It's low price) is the translucent transmitter... You can see all the electronics... Pretty cool...

Now, to compare the Iwaver to the real deal. Ofcourse, I don't have an MR01 chassis, so I'll compare it to the MR02. As you can se here, the IWaver's transmitter looks better. But the feel, battery placement, and functions of the MR02's transmitter is much better. You get tons of cool functions that are properly positioned. The IWaver just feels cheap. Above all that, the MR02 has a brake function, and the IWaver just shifts to reverse... I guess it's a generation-gap...

The chassis comparison. Not only is the McLaren much more detailed than the GT, it's also more realistic when it comes to suspension, ride height, etc... Whereas the IWaver is a toy, the Kyosho is a true racer, with great potential.

Notice the ride height... This just makes the IWaver ugly.

Again, you can see the proper dimensioning and realistic look of the McLaren, and the poor look and realism of the GT.

Chassis-wise there can be no comparison: both cars were made in a different era... So to speak... Batteries in the MR02 are a lot lower, and everything is better thought out, and better positioned...

You can't really tell a lot from this picture, but there's oen thing that's clear: both cars are the same in height, but the center of gravity on the MR02 is a lot lower, because of battery and motor placement. This will also become clear when you look at the pictures below...

Completely different suspension system

Mid-mount motor vs. rear mount...

Finally, some pics of what IWaver would have wanted the car to look like... Pictures were taken on the Spa-Francorchamps Ferrari/NSX Days of 2004. I'm a bit of a fan ;)




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