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Second Watercooling Setup

The first setup was fine. More than that, it was fun to build. But I still needed a fan to cool the radiator. Too much trouble. So I went looking for another rad and found one in a car-demolishion yard. Stripped it out of an old white van, where it was a heater-rad. Payed €12.5 for it...

I mounted it on the top of my HQ48, which I hadn't been using until now. The fan is an Enermax 120mm model, with speed-control. I removed the yellow wire (diagnostics-signal), added a small on/off button, and fixed the power socket with my trusted liquid steel (Not yet visible in pics).

I also made a new reservoir. The rad slows the water down a lot more than in the old setup, so I took a Sicce Idra, which should be able to move about 1300l/h (max). It fitted perfectly in an aluminum Velleman Case, so I got the reservoir very compact.

Also, I wanted to be able to cool at least 4 harddisks (For my future RAID-setup ;) ). In order to do that, I needed a Harddisk Rack. Again, I wanted it to be put inside a box for sound-reasons. Here's the result:

The Box

The cooling-block. Again a Velleman Aluminum Case. I attach it to the rack using screws and a hold down plate, and squirted some Artic Silver between the contact surfaces. More recent pics to come... Stay tuned!

The holes are yet to be drilled, but it can easily hold 4 harddisks.

This time, I used 1/2" fittings, since 1300l/h is bit too much for ordinary 1/4" fittings. It was a logical step ahead...

I ordered a Dangerden Maze3 waterblock this time, since it's about the only one that supports the use of my large fittings. After waiting 2 months for it to be delivered, I asked my brother-in-law (who studies metal at school) to make me one. And so he did. The lid isn't finished yet, but I think the block looks very cool indeed.

The lid for the block is also finished. Now I need to put them together and polish the block, and it will be finished! Below are some pics with and without lid, prior to sealing it...




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