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How I went back into competition....

I went to a fun-event in Belgium, where I raced my dragster and gravel hound. It was the first race I went to in about 8 years time. There were great cars there, and I felt an itch to race some of them. Of course, I didn't, but when I got home I started thinking of getting back into the competition-circuit... And I did. I found that the TB02R chassis kit was perfect for the class I intended to participate in (GT2), and I needed only a few hopups to get a pretty fast car. So I went out and bought this chassis, which came without motor and body.

Here's the box. no box-art, as is usual with the limited edition models...

An overview of the options which are included standard in the kit. I will not be able to use some in the Euro-Cup, but I have all I need to get it legal. I think the store made a pricing-error on this, as I paid less in a Belgian store than I would in a Japanese webshop... One can only benefit from this type of mistakes... Unless one is a shopkeeper, then one has to be more careful...

Because there was no body in the kit, I needed one - fast! My brother had a spare Peugeot 406 ST, which I was able to buy from him for a mere 10 EUR. This body will do fine as a runner, and I painted it in taxi-colors, as I am a true fan... Nevermind the painting mistakes, this body will be destroyed soon enough - I'm afraid...

As this body was designed for a TL01 chassis, it won't fit a TB02 without modifications. The rear body posts are too far to the front - or way too short, depends on how you look at it....

...So I came up with this solution: I moved the posts to the rear using an adapter-plate, and 2 spare posts that were on the parts tree. I plan to own better fitting bodies soon, and will be able to remove this construction in a couple of seconds - with no damage to the original chassis...

Another view of the body. Can't wait to see this thing going round the track...

Final overview of the chassis: pretty hopped up TB02. I fitted a small LRP speedo which is to be replaced by a GM brand ESC, added an RZ motor, and made some minor improvements (also see pic below). This car is not set up correctly yet, as I don't know how it will handle out-of-the-box. I've also got the tools for setting it up in the mail, so hopefully I will be able to get it right soon...

One of my improvements: trandponder-mount...

Slight update: I finally bought (and painted) a new body: the Ferrari F430. I painted this one in my 'team' colors, and it's a great body. It's low and sleek, and looks to be very efficient. I also added some more blue anodised alu parts, like the steering, motor mount, servo mount, ...

I will only drive the car with this body after I have completely destroyed the taxi-body. My car will become about 50 grammes lighter, due to the bodymount which I will be able to remove. Well within weight specs, though...

I just added this pic because I like it ;)

And one more of the front suspension...

Yet another update: I have another new body. The Ferrari will be used in Eurocup competition, I bought this Subaru Legacy 2.0 for the un-official league, where this body is legal. It is illegal in my class in Eurocup. I like the paint job, but still managed to f*ck it up by drilling holes in the wrong place...

Still tried to use the same colors, in a different scheme. I also got to test my new airbrush-kit. Works just fine ;)

Newest addition: the carbon damper mount. The rear one will follow soon enough.

Not too many original parts left...

Some more pictures...

I 'Legalized' my TB02 for the Tamiya Euro-Cup. This basically means stripping it of all things carbon and titanium. Too bad - bit it still looks cool :)

A new body: Audi A4 DTM 2005.

Yet another new body! I had bought an NSX TB02 for spares, and ofcourse it also came with a body. According to racers, this is one of the best bodies to have. I'll have to see about that...

The Audi A4 is a great body, but it's got lousy aerodynamics. Last race, after I switched to my F430 body, my car was a lot more controllable. Let's see what happens with this NSX.

Transparent Windows all around - lovely!

Finally, next year's Euro Cup rules allow the use of all options. As I already own them all, I decided to put them back onto my car. It looks like a proper competition car now. More pics to come, I need to re-fill the dampers and install electronics.

I also bought drift tyres, and painted the body from my TL01 drift-style. Too bad the wheels are too wide to fit under the body. I'll just have to put the body up higher...

Some pictures of my new body, which I think is gorgeous ;)

First TRF decal on any of my bodies...

Drift-style decalling

Tamiya drift tyres. I'm lucky these come pre-assembled on rims - they're extremely hard!

Special paint color: Pactra Teal with a dash of silver and a pinch of white...

Lots of masking-work, but I like the result. All I need to fix are the door handles.

This car uses decals from at least 10 different cars... Plus LRP, AMD, TRF, and Tamiya decal sheets...

Finally, Belgian Euro Cup rules (2007) allow the use of carbon and titanium parts - finally this car looks like a RACEcar! Enjoy the pictures!

I added a Spektrum RC system, featuring 6cm antenna wire (in-body) and extremely small receiver. That, along with no frequency-requirements, no interference, short TX antenna, etc... make this a very nice setup! Need to test it thoroughly, only had 2 packs with this system so far... More pics of the module can be found at the Racing Gear Page.

TB02R-Evo ;)

Note the tiny antenna and transponder-mount...

Small size servo (Futaba S9550), Small ESC (Novak GTX), Tiny receiver (Spektrum SR3500) - Miniaturisation!




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