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Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide

I bought this car when it was fairly new in the shops. I was inspired by an article (with beautiful pictures) I read in Auto RCM, a french RC magazine. I painted mine exactle like the one in the magazine. I loved running it, but unfortunately now the center axle is very worn. I started modifying the bodies because I couldn't really run the car anymore, and one of my bodies was seriously banged up.

Update: I sold this one, to free funds for my Gravel Hound and Mini-Z addictions ;)

The two bodies showing off... They are still being restored, and I only work on them from time to time, so it will probably take some time before I finish them. The one in the back is the most worn one. There was a 'hole' in the hood, and many scratches on the roof. I cut out the rear windows and made it sort of a pickup. Hope I can finish it in style.

The chassis. It's very dusty, but that's because it's been standing around for ages without me driving it. I have a robber ESC, which allows for full proportional forward and reverse operation. The servo is a standard S3003 type, but I gave the car ball bearing steering. Hi-torque servo saver is also present. My reciever is under the yellow thing, the antenna wire goes through the yellow thing and eventually comes up to a very short antenna pipe. This way I can have the advantages of a long antenna without the long pipe. Of course, the car has full bearings and a sport-tuned motor.

The bottom of the chassis. This is the axle that's worn. You can see by the many scratches that this car has been well-used. The white stuff under the motor is tape-glue that's left over from waterproofing the car... Used to drive it in the snow as well...

Side view of where I modified the body length. Also notice the stripes onthe bottom are sanded away.

The top of the loading part is just flat. I will probably also fit some sort of wheelie bar, but I still need to find one. Still need to do a lot of work on the lights.

Top of the second body. Here I filled the hole for the antenna and some holes I drilled to put on extra lights. Still not satisfied with the result, although it looks better in real life than in this pic.

Notice the scratches. I had painted this body and just couldn't resist running the car again. So this is what I got. But it's not so bad: since the pickup body will be for display, this body will be a runner. Also notice I took out the door handles.

Took out the Mitsubishi logo in the front grille.

The full body on display.

Took out the logo on this grille as well. Also: the smooth edges by the fender: I sanded out the horizontal stripes.

Tamiya re-released this kit, so I bought it, to be built in the future. I didn't want to miss out on it like I did the Thundershot and the Top-Force.




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