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Old Pics

These are pictures I took years ago. The oldest date back to May 1992, when I was 14 years old. The pics are real bad quality, since digital camera's did not exist yet, and I just clicked away on my old kodak instant camera.

The box of my ThunderShot. This was my first car. I bought it second hand, with some spare parts, a spare body, a megatech junior transmitter, and 3 battery packs. The perfect starter kit. When I bought a new car, I sold this one (to get enough money to buy a new one). Maybe I should have kept it, looking back ;)

Over the years I had this car, I hopped it up from a ThunderShot to a Terra Scorcher. The difference between the two is that the Terra Scorcher was full-option. I had every single option, except for the stabiliser bars.

Because of the amount of spare parts I had, I was able to do this: 4 shocks on the rear. I thought this looked very cool, but the car was very bouncy: the springs were far too stiff.

My home-made carrying box. I needed to be able to transport everything I needed for running in a simple package. I also took this box on my bike. It was just perfect.

Global view of the car. Notice the fact that I could not afford an ESC at the time, and I went through 5 mechanical speed controls. Also notice the TechniGold motor. At this point it didn't have the 17s rotor yet. That was bought when I had my Bush Devil, which was also full-option, including the very expensive titanium-color hi-cap dampers.

My bodies. The Terra Scorcher was my favorite and also the only one I bought and painted myself. The thundershot was the one that came with the kit, as well as the big one. The Manta Ray body used to be my brother's, but also fitted my car.

My Honda Civic. This was the first one that was available in any belgian shop, the second one in the country. At that time, I was working in a hobby store with very good connections to the belgian Tamiya importer, Sablon Distribution.

The chassis. Still the same TechniGold motor, with an ESC this time (Futaba 111 or something). By this time, I was running in the competition. That year I went to Apeldoorn to compete in the european finals. Eventually I traded this car after the season with a friend's. He took part in the Euro Cup the next year and the year after that with this car. So in all, it competed in 3 consecutive euro-cup finals.

My old F1 car. It was originally a Footwork, but I hopped it up and fitted a lot of different bodies. This one is a Lotus, which was by far the best in terms of weight and aerodynamics.

Working in the hobby store, we got all sort of sneak-peak pictures. This is a pic of the trailer and brand new truck, taken at the Nuremberg show.

A client of the store, and also a brilliant pilot, designed this system for his TA01 suspension. It was revolutionary, but was not allowed to be used in Euro Cups.

Cantilever system avant-la-lettre.




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