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Juggernaut 2

After being 'out of' tamiya for about 7 years, I got back into the hobby with this car: the Juggernaut 2.
A bit of history to start with:

The Juggernaut 1 was designed to replace the all famous best selling Clod Buster, which was getting pretty old and was in need of replacement. Tamiya designed the Juggernaut as the ultimate replacement: dual engine, 4 wheel steering, beautiful styrene body, and a bit bigger than the clod. Unfortunately, since the launch, the Juggernaut was plagued by disease: melting gearbox housings, bad transmission, etc. Tamiya gave away free parts to replace the faulty ones to every juggernaut owner, but it didn't help: the jugg1 had to go.

The Clod Buster

The Bullhead

The Juggernaut

It was taken out of the shops shortly after the launch, and was replaced a year later by the juggernaut 2. The truck had the same features and looks, but it was a dramatically improved version of the first truck. The Juggernaut 1 is now very hard to find, whereas the Juggernaut 2 is still available in some shops, if you search really hard. The truck is discontinued, which means Tamiya does not produce the truck nor the replacement parts. If I need parts, I have to order them online.

The Juggernaut 2

After the Juggernaut 2, Tamiya released the TXT-1, which means Tamiya eXtreme Truck 1. This car is far superiour to the Juggernaut 2, with cantilever suspension, aluminum frame, etc... The reason I bought the Juggernaut 2 is that I found one quite cheap, and I like the four wheel steering, which the TXT-1 lacks. You can add 4-wheel steering to the TXT, but then you'd need 2 servos and all the nescessary electronics to make it work. Maybe I'll buy one when my juggernaut is worn. Maybe I won't.

The TXT-1

Tamiya probably wanted to do the success of the Clod Buster over again, because they re-released the Clod Buster as the Super Clod Buster. Aside from a slightly different body and some more reinforcements in the bottom of the chassis I really can't see a lot of difference.

Where this hobby will go for me, I can't tell yet. I love messing with the mechanics, coming up with improvements / add-ons, trying out new stuff... If I still like driving this truck in a year, I'll probably buy another one, most likely a TXT-1 or (if it's here) a new and improved version, a TXT-2 or something.

In the meantime, click the links on your left to see more pics and pages of (small) projects... Enjoy!




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