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The Gear

When racing, driving capacities only go so far on the road to success. The car is another part. All the other stuff you need is yet another part - and a big one too. Since I lack serious driving capacity, and my car is about as finished as I can dream of getting it, it was time to take a closer look at the gear. So here it is:

The Transmitter

I chose the Futaba T3PK - simply because I'm convinced it is the best pistol-grip transmitter available today. It has loads of functions, a lot of which I will probably never use. But it's also a transmitter with faster response times and PCM technology. Should be a great improvement over my 2PL transmitter, which I will be using for all non-competition cars.

The Transmitter - Update

Small update: Spektrum module and receiver added. Pics of the receiver are here, module is here:

The Charger

I have owned an LRP Pulsar Sport charger for some time now, but I needed a charger with some more punch - and more functions. I chose the Robitronic Overloader because of the abundance of features - and the reputation of Robitronic.

The Comm Lathe

Unmissable on the track. I used to borrow this from a friend every time I needed to service a rotor. Now I finally have my own. I still need to replace the motor with something a bit more powerful, and I'd like a diamond-tipped bit too... The motor is underway, the bit is yet to come... The lathe is from 3Racing, who make loads of aluminium CNC'd stuff for RC cars.

The perfect marriage of 3 brands: LRP wires, Tamiya motor, 3Racing lathe, and Hudy diamond-tipped bit. Wait - that's 4. Oh well...

Setup Tools

I'm putting together an extensive collection of set-up tools. So far I have a height gauge and Hudy setup system. I made my own setting board, and ofcourse have some measuring equipment. Droop gauge and blocks are on the way... More will be added when cash is available ;) Looking to buy a motor-tester, for example...

The Work Shop

I'll let the pics speak for themselves on this one...

The Motor Case

I needed some spare motors - and before I knew it I had about 8. Of course, I don't need to take these with me all of the time, but I did need a decent motor case. So I made one. The picture shows some of my motors as well...

Update: this motor case got too small very quickly, so I converted a plastic box to hold a bit more motors. I have another BZ, RZ, and 2 TZ's, but they're built into some cars...

The Portable Roof Unit

To put all this junk on during races, I have a table, chair, and giant umbrella - with sides. Belgium is a cold and wet country ;)

New workshop!




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