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Just a small overview of my


Current and previous...

This is a small overview of all bodies I have pictures of. Just sort of an archive...

The VW Beetle. Same colors as my current favourite scheme. (see below)

The Nissan prototype. I used to have one very similar, but I killed it racing. I got this body from a friend. The colors were sort of our teamcolors in those days. I had a mini body and Clio in those colors. That clio body took part in 2 Eurocup-championships: once when I went, once when the guy I got the nissan body from went.

The gravelhound, in sort of standard colors. It's not the right blue, but a translucent blue with silver backing. This is a special effect and gives the blue sort of depth. You have to see it in real life to understand what I'm talking about ;)

My first Civic-body. I killed this one trying to strip the paint off using aceton... Silly youth...

The restored styrene jugg body.

Polycarbonate Ford F350 body in juggernaut 2 paintscheme.

My coolest lotus body. Too bad I sold this.

The pajero. I have sold this now, but had semi-prepped the bodies for a new paintjob. One body used to be metallic blue, then metallic red. The other body had a black metallic top and light gun metal sideskirts - very cool colors.

The body collection for my thundershot - the first car I ever owned...
There's a ford Escort body, black thundershot body, red terrascorcher body, and metallic green manta ray body, which I bought from my brother after he bought a new body for his manta ray.

My mini-body. I intend to use these colors as my 'racing' colors. It's the 'Taisan' layout but in blue / silver instead of red / black.


Ferrari F430

Subaru Legacy 2.0

Saleen S7R

Audi A4 DTM

Honda Civic body. Run once in a EuroCup, made this for the finals in Apeldoorn that year. Just before we left, the Clio was released, and allowed a shorter wheelbase, which was very convenient for the small track. So I ran the Clio instead of the Civic.

Porsche 911 Carrera (997). Will stay NIB for a while...

Renault Alpine body. I have all three possible lengths of the M01 / M02 chassis

Clod buster body: to be repainted - soon!

Peugeot 406 ST in Taxi-scheme...

Vanessa's Lunch Box

Thundershot bodies - I will probably update this when I restored this car / these cars.

Ferrari F2001 body on my F201 chassis. Johnny Herbert's head still needs to be painted...

Honda NSX body

Porsche 911 GT1 body. Not actually my spraywork - but it still belongs here ;)

Toyota GT-one - great decal job!

Audi R8R

Audi R8C

Suzuki Swift Super 1600

Another TB02R body: The Subaru Impreza WRX! Drift-style!

VW Race Touareg

This is a Nissan Skyline Z-tune body I bought. I wanted to paint it really nice, but it came out rubbish. I will probably trash this body in trainings... The possibility of pics exists - but don't hold your breath.

This one came out a lot better. Originally painted for my TA05, but showed here on my TB02R, as the TA05 was not ready yet...

Twin Detonator

The TamTech Buggy Champ.

Jeep Rubicon

New Swift body

Porsche 911 GT3

....More to come!




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