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Max Climber

I wasn't really planning on buying this soon, but while browsing German EBay, I came across a NIB model for a really cheap price. So I couldn't resist.

It stayed NIB for 2 hours after delivery - and then I got home. I built it, and was amazed by the technical genious of the model. Everything is as engineered as it could possibly get. Although this is the smallest tamiya RC around (for the time being), it is also one of the most complicated to build.

I haven't kept it standard - I immediately fitted full ball bearings (except cantilevers, but they will have bearings soon) - and different tyres. I chose the Porsche Carrera GT (+2) wheels with Blazing Star tyres. I would have preffered Hummer wheels, but couldn't find those.

It's a great and challenging car to build, but it's not that great to drive. The centre diff (Yes, this car has 3 differentials) has no clear use for a climbing car. But that's OK, there is a bigger problem: the ground clearance. The car cannot climb an obstacle of 4+ centimeters. That doesn't mean I don't love the car because I do, but a rock climber it is NOT.

I fitted dual servos, which are able to turn the car around on a surface of 60 cm * 60 cm. Which is a very small turning circle ;)

I'll stop the boringtextpart here and show you some pictures. Enjoy!

The rear of the car: bare gears.

The rims I fitted: Carrera GT +2.

Even though it has a great theoretical articulation, it really isn't a good climber.

The servo-attachment when using 2 servos.

A clear view of the really cool fishtank-gearbox and cantilever suspension. Lovely!

I used the electronic speedo I got with my gravelhound - it was too weak for the buggy, but will do perfectly in the TLT.

With the original rims / tyres on top of a juggernaut tyre. Size difference?

I bought this toy car as an alternative body for my Mini-Zs. It turned out too big, so now I am planning to use it on the TLT. Seems to be a bit too small, though, but I'll have to wait and see...

Update 10/04/2005

I Finally finished the body. Pics are below ;)

Work in progress...

Sponsor stickers are taken from Castrol Honda Civic, top force, Nissan R91CP, etc...

For a project, I needed another TLT. I bought another Max Climber in Dortmund (RC Messe2006). More info on the project will be posted - when it's finished...

Guess what's in the bags ;)

Okay, So I have 2 4x4 trucks. What's the most logical thing to do? Riiiight:


I just bolted the 2 trucks together, fit 4 servos and called it an 8x8x8 truck. Unfortunately, this truck has 6 diffs - where none is really needed. Okay, I'll make the axle diffs 'limited slip' differentials - But I need to remove the centre diffs.

First picture: the cab and front view of the chassis. Also note the renovated walls, kichen, door, floor, etc... ;)

The wheels that just keep coming...

Cab up....

...And down. The cab tilts open as it did on the original Bruder truck I got it from. Gives access to the speedo and wires...

Global view of the chassis. The cab needs to be finished, I am hoping to find some way to add a windshield to it.

The two chassis were bolted together using an aluminium profile. To keep this thing balanced, and prevent twisting when throtteling up, the chassis were mounted in an alternating way. (motor is facing forward in the rear chassis, and facing backwards in the front chassis.) The profiles were measured so that all 4 wheels are at an equal distance to one and other.

The original cantilever-suspension from the TLT1 was removed (the shocks went to my Juggernaut - more on that later) and replaced by standard touring car shocks. I need to match the springs but other than that - suspension is done.

To finish the body, I'm thinking of a paris-dakar kind of back - I'll have to wait and see what I do with this. Any suggestions are welcome...

Wild dagger rims with HPI Geolander tyres... Very cool combination...

Sure, an 8-wheeled truck is a lot easier to make than a 6-wheeled one. Still it's not easy to balance steering ranges and make everything work out exactly the way it needs to. I'm still working on certain issues, but I'm sure I can sort them out - given I have enough time to do so...

Silly mathematics: I had two 4x4x4 trucks -> 4x4x4 + 4x4x4 = 128. But now, I have an 8x8x8 truck. 8x8x8 = 512. So you could say I have a lot more truck for my money ;)




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