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I bought a very cheap Sony surround system, because I wanted to experience the surround-thing myself. I must admit, in retrospect, it's not that big a deal - but OK.

I needed to put the rear speakers at ear-height, but wasn't prepared to buy stands for that - besides, no stands were really what I wanted: small footprint, right height, simple in design, and easy to put them away. So I needed to make them myself.

Part one: I needed a tube. This was a standard bit of aluminium tubing from the DIY store. I cut off about 15 cm.

A container to keep food in, that's the right size for my feet (well - not my feet, but the feet of the speakerstands). These will be filled, and need to have a decent weight to stabilise the speakers.

I cut holes into the containers. Exactly in the middle - very important!

This is the tool I used to make those holes: A reamer for my RC cars, used to make holes in the body. Works on tuperware, too!

I put the tubes into the holes in the containers, poured cement into the containers, and replaced the lids. Then, it had to dry for several days, as it dried a lot slower because of the lids.

The tubes need to be about equal in length. I rested the containers on top of 2 44mm beams, so the tubes rested on the ground.

I cut the surplus of tube (the bit that was coming out of the top of the container) off and stuck some rubber feet on the corners. To keep the other tube from falling to the ground, I added plastic stoppers.

The other aluminium tubes fit into the other ones, and the wire goes through the tube to the speaker.

The speakers are attached using simple screws. Getting the wires out of the tube, and having them make the bend into the contact-holes was a pain. But now that they're there, it's very minimalistic and neat.

The end-result: nice and tidy. The long tubes fit into the tubes in the cement feet and can be removed for storage. I can take these apart and put them into my Hi-Fi cabinet to completely get rid of them.




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