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Mac - Case

Via an internet forum, I came across 3 Mac IIcx's. At first, I bought them to convert one of them into a case for my moviebox, but as I disassembled it, i thought the case I already had, and still have, would be better. So I had to find some other things to do with it. The first thing I thought of was to make a carrying case.

I simply stripped out everything inside, cleared and flattened the edges, and closed all the holes using very thin aluminum sheeting. I went to a DIY store to buy a cheapo alu-lookalike case, destroyed it, and used its handle and sidepanels. The top and bottom of the inside of the case are lined with these sidepanels, the sides with a sheet of foam rubber I had left over from other projects. As the case has it's own closing mechanism, I didn't have to add another one of those. Very easy mod, with an exclusive result.

Pics will change, but I seem to have lost my originals...




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