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Has this ever happened to you? You wanted to make a multicolor fan using bicolored LEDs in combination with bright blue LEDs, and had drawn a complete schematic of how to do it. Happy with the thought you'd own one of the pimpiest fans on the planet soon, you went to an electronics store, to buy 4 blue and 4 bicoloured red/green LEDs. They give you the merchandise and you go home. Once at home, you solder some resistors to the LEDs and connect them to a powersupply, only to find out that the bicolour LEDs are red/orange instead of red/green. Slightly pissed off, you drive the distance to the store again (25km in my case) and say that they've given you the wrong LEDs. So, they open the drawer and give you new LEDs, assuring you they are red/green. Naïve as you are, you get in the car and drive home. Again, you solder the LEDs to some resistors and plug it in. What wonderous light fills the room, as red as a rose in heat. But you also want to see the green light, so you connect the other wires to the powersupply, and again, a wonderous light flows out of your newly purchased LED. Only, it still isn't green. At all. It's more like... Orange! Furious, you take apart an old flashlight and start demolishing it until you have the perfect LED-tester. You head back to the store and point out their mistake. You order another 4 bicoloured LEDs and demonstrate you were right, the LEDs are orange/red! The slick salesman admits his mistake, informs you that they are all out of red/green LEDs, and gives you 4 red LEDs and 4 green LEDs.

No? Well, it's happened to me! Well, sort of...

Here's what I did:

1. I took an old 2*AA powered flashlight

2. I changed the wires and destroyed the light-mechanism

3. I put in an old FDD-molex plug, and connected that to the 3V of the AA batteries. As the connector had 4 holes, I used 2 of them for 3V, and the other 2 for 1.8V, with a resistor. Some people may say it's bad to try and power LEDs with no resistor, but I'm not one of those people.

Some pics:




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