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This is my Kip-Well. It's a home-made drinking fountain, as you may have seen in office buildings or a movie. I decided to make one for myself, because I drink a lot of water, and am tired of having to take out a new bottle twice a day. It holds a 5 litre bottle of water.

How does it work? Buy a cheap dustbin, drill hole in it, and fit a faucet from an old wine-box. Most of the time, wine that comes in boxes is very bad. Luckily, water also comes in boxes. Sometimes. Anyway, after you finish drinking the contents of the box, cut out the faucet. If you're lucky, you might only need one box for the faucet. I, however, needed 2: one for the faucet, one for the tightening ring on the inside. Put the faucet through the hole in the bin, add the ring, push em together, and after a few tries that should be it. You may want to add some glue / plastic / other hole-filling stuff to prevent leaks. Make sure, however, it's not poisonous! Inside the bin, put a smaller bucket. I used one we got with the soup we ate at new year's day, any other small bucket will do. Cut large holes in it, and make sure they go all the way to the base of the small bucket. Just put the small bucket in the large one, open a 5l bottle of water, turn it over and -quickly- place it on top of the small bucket. If there are no holes in the bottom of the bucket, the water will not flow until the waterlevel in the large bucket goes under the bottle. This also makes the Kip-Well make those nice bubbly-noises when you take a glass of water ;) .

The blue stuff is the water, the black blocks on the small bucket are the holes.




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