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Vice City Readme

Welcome to KillerKip's Full GTA: Vice City modpack!

*** This is V 1.4, which will be the final version of my mod... ***

* Installation: see bottom of this file.
* Set the language to KillerKip's if you want the right carnames to appear.
* I will not answer questions through mail if they are already answered on my site. There's a howto, a readme, some general info, and a FAQ. If you can't find it there, chances are I don't know the answer myself. If you did not read any, don't expect me to help.

(Everything with no name or brackets is made by me.)

* Buildings & Maps
- Candy Suxxx light is changed to a chicken
- Everything is in Euros
- Born2OC headquarters on Prawn Island
- Kip-Blimp
- Cameo by FlashBlue
- The mansion is altered - more modern look
- Microsoft Corporate HQ in downtown
- ExxonMobil buildings near the airport
- Several Discworld-buildings (Mickarrow)
- Rally-track (Blaer)
- Hillclimb map (RealLunatic)
- VC Racetrack (RumpyXXL)
- VC Thunderdome (Dicanio)
- Dunebuggy track (Jonny52002)
- Skatepark (Weirdfish)
- Cameo for Silent Thunder
- SPeedtraps all over the city
- Improved Palmtrees (Commando Funebrero)

* Cars, Bikes, Boats, Helis, Planes... Vehicles in short ;)
- Flying Delorean DMC-12 from Back To The Future 2 (Silver007 & Phil)
- Driving Delorean DMC-12 from Back To The Future 2 (Silver007 & Phil)
- Mini Cooper (Jonathan Mace & Stecki)
- More modern bus (Barbarries)
- Ferrari 360 Modena (Yazu)
- Ford GT (Yazu)
- Nissan R390 GT1 (Travis S)
- Airwolf (Gareth Croke)
- Citroën 2CV (Phil)
- Ferrari Testarossa Koenig (Yazu)
- Ford Taunus (Kitchenpolice)
- Subaru Impreza WRX STi (Sin5k4)
- Ford Mustang (Yazu)
- Mercedes 190 Taxi (Kaeser)
- Ferrari Modena Spider (Nathan Link)
- Honda S2000 (Sin5k4)
- Juggernaut 2 (Fragdieb)
- VW Golf 2 (Tuned) Patrick Gollmer
- Kawasaki Jetski (Ruslev)
- Yamaha YZ 450 (Th3 Prophetman & Flying Corndog)
- Lada 2101 (Y Z Alfabetu & Gacus)
- Mercedes S600 Stretch (Ruslev)
- 1986 Ford LTD (Carface)
- BMW 760Li (Ruslev)
- Mercedes G-series funcar (Ruslev)
- Audi TT (Martin Leps & Patrick Gollmer)
- 1986 Ford LTD Police Car (Blaer)
- Caterham Super Seven (Eddy Brown)
- FBI Ford Explorer (Blaer)
- Jeep Wrangler (Blaer)
- Ford Explorer (Blaer)
- '70 Buick GSX 455 Stage 1 (Blaer)
- Christiaensen Van
- Bart Smit Van
- Peugeot 406 taxi from the 'Taxi' films (Don3k and Yuriy Antipin)
- RC Juggernaut 2 (Fragdieb)
- Lamborgini Diablo VT6 (Yazu)
- Plymouth Roadrunner (Yazu)
- Audi RS6 (RusLev)
- X-Wing (JBandit)
- BMW M5 E34 (Ruslev)
- Shelby Cobra (Yazu & Teh0wn)
- Marco Polo Viale III Bus (Andrex3000)
- Toyota Supra (Kehlan)
- 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS-SS (Yazu)
- Mini Cooper (Eddy Brown)
- Mercedes CLK (EA Games)
- Ford F-100 Pickup Truck (Carface)
- 1986 Ford LTD Taxi (Carface)
- RC SR-71A Blackbird
- Full-size SR-71A Blackbird
- Hummer H2 (GreenGiant)
- Shelby GT 500E (Ganjica)
- FTR Custom Mini bike (Jun)
- Hummer (GTAGuy)
- Cadillac Deville Lowrider (Nietzko)
- Chevrolet Camaro (Blaer)
- PBR Mk2 v1.1
- BKing Dumptruck (NRXXL)
- Lamborghini Murcielago (Yazu)
- M1A1 Abrams Tank (Commando Funebrero)
- Harrier Jumpjet (Commando Funebrero)
- Hellfire Chopper (NuchaZ)
- BMW M6 (Sin5k4)
- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII (Sin5k4)
- Audi Quattro (Sin5k4)
- Thunderbird 2 (ViperKing)
- Volvo S80 (Spit811)
- McLaren MP4/19 (Alex Penza)
- Yamaha R1 (szkgsxr1000)
- Champion Crane ([S.W.A.T.]Trooper)
- Renault Kangoo 4X4 (Sin5k4)
- Honda Dax (FTR)
- RC Millennium Falcon (Switch Designs)
- RC Vader's Tie Fighter (Switch Designs)
- Ferrari 550 Barchetta (GT-S)
- Slapjack Toyota Supra 2F2F (Kehlan & Omega007)
- Bell 13H (Lone Shark)
- Audi Quattro (Sin5k4)
- Mazda RX7 (Sin5k4)
- Lotus Elise (Salaa)
- Firetruck (Pumbars)
- Armoured Van (Pumbars)
- SWAT Van (Pumbars)
- Ambulance (Pumbars)
- Arctic Truck (_Mr_K_)
- New angel - police bike (Switch Designs)
- Lunar Lander (Switch Designs)
- Ural 4320 Army Truck (Abrosimoff Vladislav)
- Ferrari Enzo (Wiseboi84)
- Mercedes ML55 Demec (Ruslev)
- San Andreas Coast Guard (Switch Designs)
- '73 Ford Falcon XBGT Interceptor (Ganjica)
- Landcruiser FJ40 (Todd587)
- Aston Martin Vantage (Yazu)
- BMW X5 (Ruslev)
- Airboat (SGS)
- New Tropic (Whoooman)
- New Rio (Whoooman)
- Opel Speedster (GT-R)
- New Packer (L@butes)
- Scania T164 (Fox)
- BMW 316i (Sin5k4)
- Lamborghini Countach LP400 (Flyonfire)

* Misc. Stuff
- DMagic1's Wheelmod installed (DMagic1)
- standard-custom wheels (Blaer)
- New loading and exit screens
- New menu-screen
- New in-game loading screens
- Gangs are not hostile
- Extra cars in the streets
- New handling for many cars
- New colission files for most vehicles
- Correct carnames
- Credit-boards ingame
- Adapted carnames for the Gone In 60" missions
- Hidden packages replaced by Chupa Chups
- Nude models in the stripclub (Nico)
- New Sunbrellas
- DeathStar moon
- Money dropped by pedestrians is in euros
- Many new weapons (Commando Funebrero)
- New advertisement billboards
- Changed the radar to include the new maps
- Siemens S55 phone
- New police spikestrip (Joel Kroll)
- Porky Pig Wanted Stars
- New radar-disc

* Tools used
- IMGTool (Spooky)
- GTAVC Path Editor ()
- GTA3 Reshack ()
- GTAVC Reshack ()
- MooMapper ()
- ZModeler ()
- Photoshop (Adobe)
- VC CollFileEditor ()
- GXT Editor ()
- Mod Installer Generator (LithJoe)
- TXD Builder ()
- Notepad (Microsoft)
- Excel (Microsoft)

* For a complete list of changes visit

* Many thanks to all the people mentionned here.

* Known problems:
- Getting into the marco polo bus is not realistic. I can fix this, but then the game crashes. So I chose the lesser of two evils ;)
- The game will not load if you do not change your gta-vc.exe using VCLimitAdjuster (see bottom of this readme)
- Possibly, the game crashes when flying the Airwolf / Flying Delorean.

- First, install GTA:VC, and add no mods at all.
- Copy the gta3.exe dummy file in your gta:VC root directory (That's the directory where gta-vc.exe is located)
- Make sure all files in your VC directory are changeable. To do this, rightclick your VC folder, select properties, check the box in front of 'read only', and click apply. Uncheck the same box, and click apply again. The files should now be fixed.
- Then, run the KipsMod installation EXE (Opening this file can take a few minutes... Be patient), and specify your GTA:VC root folder. Then click install. Wait for the prompt (in some cases, this can take several HOURS) and click ok.
- Open VCLimitadjuster (located in your VC directory, and open your gta-vc.exe file. Change these values:
- Streaming memory: 96
- Dummys: 3500
- Buildings: 8500
Click save and close the program. Special thanks to Steve-m for this tool.
- In the game, change the language to KillerKip's.
- Mod installed! Have Fun!


All problems I heard of are answered on these pages:




Copyright KillerKip 2010