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How To Install The Mod

Since there is no (decent) VC mod installer around, I use the GTA3 installer. I hereby wish to thank Ruslev for bringing it to my attention that this is possible.

You need to have WinRAR installed to do this. Here goes.

STEP 1: Download the MOD. You can right click it and select 'save target as', or left click it, which has the same effect. When you see the screen below, click SAVE. You do not have to save it in the directory where GTA: Vice City is installed, it can be any directory, as long as you can find it again later. By the way, a 'directory' is the same as a 'folder'.

STEP 2: Doubleclick the file. WinRAR will pop up and give you an inventory of the file.

STEP 3: (still with me? Good.) After you doubleclicked the file, you should see this on your screen. This is winRAR. Click the 'Extract to' button to extract the files.

STEP 4: Now here's a tricky bit: you need to select a folder or directory if you will to extract the files to. It does not matter where you put it, as long as you can find it again later.

STEP 5: Click the 'OK' button to start extracting the files. This is what you'll see. When it's done, you can safely close winRAR.

STEP 6: Make sure all the files in your GTA:VC folder are NOT set to read-only. Do this by rightclicking your VC folder, and selecting 'properties'. Check the box in front of 'read only' and click apply. You will be asked if you want to apply the changes to this folder only or if you want to include subfolders as well. Include subfolders. Click OK. Now uncheck the same box and click apply again. This makes sure that any files in tha entire folder that were read-only, are now replaceable. If you do not perform this step, the installer will not install the mod.

STEP 7: Open the readme file and READ IT. It can contain vital information for your survival.

STEP 8 : Copy the file 'gta3.exe', which is in the directory you just selected, to the directory where GTA: Vice City is installed. This is not the real gta3 main exe, it's just a dummy file to be able to use the installer. If you do not do this, the installer will NOT work.

STEP 9: Now, doubleclick the KipsVCMod ... .exe file you just extracted. It should be in the folder you selected earlier. You'll see this window.

STEP 10: Select the folder where your GTA:Vice City is located. You can do this by clicking the button with the three dots, and browsing to your folder. Click 'Install >' and WAIT (This CAN take several minutes) until you see the window displayed below. Then click 'OK'.
Note: There have been reports of delays: sometimes it takes upto 15 minutes for the install window to open, and I even heard of an installation time (time from clicking 'install >' untill the window below is displayed) of up to 3 hours... So be patient!


STEP 11 : Run the program 'VCLimitAdjuster.exe', located in your VC directory. Change the 3 values you are allowed to change into:

Streaming Memory: 96
Dummys: 3500
Buildings: 8500
Click 'save' and close the program.
If you do not do this, your game WILL NOT LOAD.
There is an item in the faq about problems when using this program (no people in the streets)

STEP 12: Change your language in-game to KillerKip's.

Still don't get it?
If you're still having problems installing the game, do the following: de-install your original game, and install a brand new copy. Now, restart the computer. Don't start ANY programs. This means messenger, outlook, internet explorer, etc... If you know how, you can even kill processes you don't really need - like programs that start up automatically when you start windows. Now run the installer (see the steps listed above) and see if that's better. If you're getting impatient, go out or go see a movie or something, just let the computer run the program.
Also, your task manager will say the program is not responding. DO NOT KILL IT, or you will have to reinstall the game and run the installer again...

More help can be found at the FAQ .




Copyright KillerKip 2010