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Vice City FAQ

Q: The mod installs just fine, but when I load my saved game, there are no pedestrians - and no cars.

A: Some people have problems when using the limitadjuster. The most common problem is the absence of pedestrians and cars in the streets. Just exit the game, open limitadjuster again, and decrease the streaming memory value. Just do it 5MB at a time or so, and get back into the game to see if there are peds. If there are still no people in the streets, exit the game and lower the value again. Keep repeating this procedure until the peds return. However, do not go under 45MB.
Alternatively, you could use this gta-vc.exe or the gta-vc.exe that skatehead made for his mod.


Q: I get this error when installing:

A: The answer to that question is clearly stated here (bottom of the file, under "installation") or here (step 6). In other words: RTFM!


Q: How can I boost performance?

A: Apart from he obvious hardware upgrades, you can tweak the values in your gta-vc.exe with vclimitadjuster. You can also rebuild your gta3.img with Spooky's IMG tool (In the tool, load gta3.img, and then click commands - rebuild archive - yes). If that still doesn't work, try reinstalling your graphics card's drivers, directX, and fiddeling with the game's graphics settings...


Q: I have installed the mod. It works and there are no errors. But all the cars have white wheels and white interior. Could you help me?

A: This means that the modded game is too much of a load on your system. As I say here, the game becomes more complicated, so you need a more powerful machine to play it. So to solve this, you must either lower your game screen resolution / draw distance, or upgrade your computer (e.g. more RAM or better graphics card) The same solution applies for weird pointy shapes in complex vehicles, no cars in the streets, slow loading times between low- and high-detail textures, or no textures at all.


Q: At the Sunshine Autos car stealing missions, the list says I have to get them a Mustang, and I've tried both mustangs, but it won't accept it... What's wrong?

A: Yep, that's a bug in V1.2. Try the BMW Z4 for that. This is fixed in V1.3.


Q: Why do you replace certain cars with cars that are in no way related to them?

A: What I (need to) do is find enough replacement cars. Since most carmakers replace popular models (cheetah, infernus, etc...) there are a LOT of replacements for those, but almost none for the less popular, like vans and such. That's why I replaced - for instance - the bobcat with a car intended to replace the banshee. There's also the issue of order. If I have already replaced a certain car, and only then find another car which is made to replace the car (e.g. Mesa Grande) I will not replace the other car. That's too much work, and makes no difference. So I replace another model with the newer car. Things I cannot change are the engine sound and the amount of passengers that will ride in the car - eventually.


Q: I installed your mod, but when I start the game and try to load my savegames, i get the error:
"Unhandled Exception: c0000005 At address: 0047890d". What should I do?

A: First of all, read the readme. Most of the time, this error is generated bij trying to install my mod on a non-fresh copy of GTA:VC. Reinstall your copy and try again.


Q: I reinstalled the game, but the game hangs itself on the rockstar logo. What happened?

A: You are the proud owner of an illegal copy, and will not get any support from me on that matter.


Q: How do I make backups before installing?

A: I recommend making backups, because it will be a lot easier to reset your original config if you're tired of my mod or want to play the original game again. I am assuming you can spare 1.5GB for this. Just install VC, create another directory next to the directory you just installed VC in, and call it VCoriginal or something. Then copy the entire contents of your freshly installed dir into the new dir. Copy it, don't move it! Now, if you ever want you old setup back, just delete all files in the modded directory, copy all the files from the VCoriginal directory into the emptied directory, and you're set. Your savegames are located in 'my documents', so you won't lose them. I do this for testing all the time, and it works like a charm ;)


Q: How do I uninstall the mod?

A: Normally, if you did as I said and made backups, there's no problem. Just reset you backup and you're there. If you didn't, all the changed files can be found in the directory 'backup' in your VC folder. If you put all those files back in the right places, you'll have your original setup again. I recommend reinstalling, it's much easier...


Q: When will the next version be published?

A: When it's done. I mod whenever I feel like it, and when there are enough replacements in the game to issue a new version, I publish a new version. If there are certain things that make the game impossible to play, I will issue patches first. This is not only easier for the people who have downloaded and installed the mod, this is also easier for me. It takes a long time to upload a full mod onto the server.


Q: Where can I find the easter egg?

A: I made a movie for this...


Q: Where can I find the mini cooper?

A: I made a movie for this...


Q: Where can I find the flying Delorean?

A: I made a movie for this...


Q: Where can I find the Juggernaut 2?

A: I made a movie for this...


Q: Where can I find the Ferrari Modena Spider?

A: I made a movie for this...


Q: Where can I find the BMW M5?

A: I made a movie for this...


Q: What is the GTA: VC root directory?

A: The root directory is simply the directory where VC is installed, where the gta-vc.exe is located. Look at this screenshot for clarification. It can be located somewhere else in your computer, but the contents should look like this. In this pic, I already copied the gta3.exe file.


Q: When installing your mod, my computer crashes, and I need to shut the application down through task manager. Task manager tells me the installer is not responding. What did I do wrong?

A: You didn't wait long enough. Installing the mod takes several minutes, upto several hours (!) when you have 256MB RAM or less... Just let the installer do its job... And wait for it to say it's finished. If you killed it once, you will need to reinstall the game and re-run the installer...




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