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Okay, what's

Version 1.4

gonna be like?

Basically, V1.4 is V1.3 with patch 1.33 applied to it. This means it's less of a download, and has faster installation time. Now you can choose: if you have 1.3 or 1.32 installed, you can upgrade. If you do a reinstall, just use 1.4.

Total changes in 1.4:

Mini Cooper S (By Jonathan Mace & Stecki)

More modern bus by Barbarries

Ferrari 360 Modena by Yazu

Yazu's Ford GT40

Nissan R390 GT1 by Travis S

Airwolf! By Gareth Croke

Very detailed Citroën 2CV model by Phil (30.000 polygons!)

Subaru Impreza WRX by Sin5k4

Ford Mustang, another great model by Yazu

Mercedes 190 Taxi by Kaeser

Another modena, this time it's the spider. By Nathan Link

New Blimp

Candy Suxxx ad was replaced

VW Golf 2 (Tuned) by Patrick Gollmer

Cool Kawasaki Jetski by RusLev

Yamaha YZ450 dirtbike by Th3 Prophetman & Flying Corndog

Lada 2101 by Y Z Alfabetu & Gacus. This car was standing still for about 5 seconds, and already a nearly naked lady showed up. Needless to say, this car is THE ULTIMATE babemagnet of my mod.

Shelby Cobra by Yazu

Mercedes S600 stretch by Ruslev. I've chosen to let you get in in the rear end of the car, so you're driving as passenger, not as driver.

BMW 530i by Ruslev

Another great Mercedes G-series model by Ruslev

Another Ruslev model - BMW 760Li

First building that was replaced: The Born2OC headquarters on prawn island (Champagne!)

Audi TT by Martin Leps & Patrick Gollmer

Blaer's new FBI Explorer

Beautiful Jeep Wrangler - By Blaer

FlashBlue's Cameo

Ford Explorer by Blaer

'70 Buick GSX 455 Stage1 By Blaer

Christiaensen (Belgian Toystore) Van

Bart Smit (Dutch Toystore) Van

Peugeot 406 Taxi from the movie 'Taxi'. ByYuriy Antipin & Don3k.

YES! Now I got my own Juggernaut2 in the game as RC bandit... So now you can actually race it!!! Special thanks to Jakob Tonn for making this custom model for me. More pics: 1 2 3

New menu-graphics

'Exotic Dancers' in pole position club are topless (By Nico)

Carnames are corrected at the Gone In 60" Missions

Audi RS6 by Ruslev

Plymouth Roadrunner by Yazu

Lamborghini Diablo VT6 by Yazu

Completely re-textured the mansion to look more modern. I only did the inside for now, maybe the outside will follow... later.

Microsoft Building

Changed the signs at the RC dirttrack - Now nothing's original. Except for the sand... (Explanation: 'Radio Donna' is a (bad) belgian radiostation. So I turned their logo into 'radio bomma' which means 'radio grandma' or something like that... )

Eddie Brown published a new version of his caterham, which I included. Now it has reflective surfaces...

Xwing by JBandit
This thing is SO great... It's meant to replace the hunter, but I use it to replace the skimmer (don't want to get rid of airwolf and besides, this one is meant as a plane... ). This means I had to redo the handling and I must say... It's so much fun it should probably be illegal. You can fly as high as you want (I went about 4* as high as the tall light on top of the highest building but then I got bored - nothing to see there. The fall took so long I had time to go get myself something to drink in the kitchen while it was tumbling...), you can do never-before seen stunts (like flying towards a building and pulling up at the last second, kinda like in the end-battle in the movie Independance Day, or stopping in mid-air and reversing), etc. The only thing I didn't figure out yet is how to make it roll... Maybe it's impossible, maybe I'll find it someday...

BMW M5 E34 By Zlatko & Ruslev

Modified the hotelroom

Ford F-100 Pickup Truck by Carface

Marco Polo Viale III bus by Andrex3000

Ford Taunus by Kitchenpolice

Toyota Supra by Kehlan

1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS-SS by Yazu. This car won the 2003 SCC (summer carmaking compo)

Mini Cooper Sportspack by Eddy Brown. This one came in second place - very close - in the SCC of 2003.

Both minis together!

One of the hotring racers is a Mercedes CLK by EA Games.

New screens when moving from one island to the other

Now the Diablo replaces the Hotring Racer B and the cuban hermes is a Shelby GT 500 E by Gannjica.

Changed the moon again... Bit more original this time ;)

New Police car (1986 Ford LTD) by Carface

Cab-version of the same car - By Carface

Civilian version of the same car - By Carface

Hummer H2 by GreenGiant. Yeah I know, I'm breaking my own rule of 'nothing post-1986', but I had no replacement for the patriot yet, and this one is so nice...

Ofcourse, I put in my RC blackbird as well... (that mirrored texture on the rear wing is fixed, don't worry ;) )

FTR Custom Mini by Jun to replace the Faggio

Included the full-sized Blackbird as well. Very hard to take a good pic of, though, so I took a render-pic ;)

Click the pic for a full-size picture

Hummer by GtaGuy

Cadillac Deville Lowrider by Nietzko

Chevrolet Camaro by Blaer

PBR Mk2 By Me!

Lamborghini Murcielago by Yazu

RoadKing Dumptruck by NRXXL

M1A1 Abrams Tank by Commando Funebrero

Harrier Jumpjet by Commando Funebrero

Hellfire Chopper by NuchaZ

BMW M6 by Sin5k4

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII by Sin5k4

Thunderbird 2 by ViperKing

Really beautiful Volvo S80 By Spit811.

Audi Quattro by Sin5k4

Replaced lots of weapons by more realistic versions, all made by Commando Funebrero

Drastically improved Juggernaut 2 - still by Fragdieb

McLaren Mp4-19 formula one car by Alex Penza

Bell 12h Helicopter by Lone Shark

Mazda RX7 by Sin5k4

Honda S2000 By Sin5k4

Rallymap by Blaer. I recommend using it with Blaer's Jeep Wrangler - So much fun! ;)

Honda Dax by FTR

Toyota Supra Slapjack by Omega007 & Kehlan

ExxonMobil Fuel Containers

Ferrari Barchetta by GT-S

Champion Crane by [S.W.A.T.]Trooper (This thing is HUGE!)

Renault Kangoo 4X4 by Sin5k4

I started replacing billboards as well. This - as an example - I find funny

I updated the import - export garage (no more Z4 - mustang mix-ups)

New loading and exit screens (these will probably change some more before the final version)

Yamaha R1 (2004) by szkgsxr1000

RC Darth Vader's Tie Fighter by Switch Designs

RC Millennium Falcon by Switch Designs

Buildings of Mickarrow's Discworld-mod

Those few cars with standard wheels now have custom wheels too, thanks to Blaer's wheelpack...

Lotus Elise by Salaa

Cameo for Silent Thunder

Ambulance by Pumbars

Swat Van by Pumbars

Firetruck by Pumbars

Armoured Car by Pumbars

I'd like to thank DeRCT13 for showing me the new Enforcer, Firetruck, Securicar and Ambulance.

RAM truck by _Mr_K_

I changed the properties of several vehicles that would not appear in the streets. Now they do appear. You can expect to see the Mini Cooper, Mercedes CLK, Hummer, Lotus Elise (with an annoying icecreamcart sound - can't be helped), Nissan R390 GT1 car, BMW M5 E34, and the limousine. I could change more, but that would not be right in the game. Some cars need to be exclusive ;) Below are some pics as illustration of what I mean...

Improved Palmtrees By Commando Funebrero

New and improved Back To The Future Delorean DMC-12 by Phil and Silver007

The flying one was also replaced - car also by Phil and Silver007

I took out the starwars speederbike and replaced it with this gorgeous police bike by Switch Designs

Porky Pig Wanted stars!!! (Dedee-debee-dedee-That's all, Folks!)

New spikestrip by Joel Kroll

Made an updated radar-disc (Not sure if I'll keep the chicken - feedback wanted!)

Lunar Lander by Switch Designs

Ural 4320 Truck by Abrosimoff Vladislav

Ferrari Enzo by Wiseboi84

Mercedes ML55 by Ruslev

San Andreas Coastguard by Switch Designs

'73 Ford Falcon XBGT "Interceptor" by Ganjica

Replaced the cellphone with my home-made Siemens S55 (Yeah, I know, it's not great, but it still is a lot better than the original phone... )

I 'removed' one roadblock, giving full access to the second island from the very start of the game. Just take the northern bridge and drive through the blockades. I can't believe how easy this was to do, and regret not having done it in an earlier version of the mod.

Some more new weapons by Commando Funebrero (just a few previews above)

As you may know, it's very hard to get different maps to work together. After some searching, I found a way - and it works perfectly. So now I was able to combine RealLunatic's desert hillclimb map with Blaer's Rallymap. More maps will follow -I hope ;)
Too bad those maps still don't have a VLO object, but it seems that that is not so easy to do...

Another map: a racetrack by RumpyXXL
This map does have a VLO, so it looks better from a distance (well, it doesn't disappear from a distance ;) )

Landcruiser FJ40 by Todd587

Airwolf's Lair and Valley Of The Gods. Great (and HUGE) stuntpark ;) by The Airwolf 2004 MOD TEaM. I just cut a small piece out to be able to fit the Rally Map.

Aston Martin Vantage by Yazu

Some more advertisements ;)

BMW X5 by RusLev

Airboat by SGS

New Tropic - With interiour - By Whoooman

New Rio - With interiour - By Whoooman

Radar Trap by Me!
I added these at various locations all over vice city. You can run them over ;) They do not work, though... Nothing in the VC engine can be used to make them work - as far as I know...

Opel Speedster by GT-R (and EA Games)

New Packer by L@butes

Scania T164 Truck by Fox

VC Thunderdome by DiCanio

Beach Skatepark by WeirdFish (the black dot in the left half of the structure is a jeep (FJ 40) )

Dunebuggy Track by Jonny52002

Lamborghini Countach LP400 by Flyonfire

All carnames are right, if you set the language to KillerKip's

Extremely tuned cheetah (modena and spider)- really, really fast

Tuned PCJ600 (Yamaha R1) - also really, really fast

Gangs are not hostile

DMagic's Wheelmod installed (ofcourse ;) )

All cars have adapted collission files

Cops now walk like sissies :p

Money - when dropped by pedestrians - is Euro's

Changed a lot of billboards - but not all of them...

Improved textures for the RC Juggernaut 2

Replaced the hidden packages by my Chupa-Chups-version

Resized some files to make the game - and the download - a bit lighter...

Some of the maps I included were moved because of overlapping parts.

(Lots of the above cars were replaced thanks to a tip from Laurens Corijn)
(I also got some very useful tips from Mracho - general improvements to the mod)





Copyright KillerKip 2010