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Old Stuff

This is stuff that was included in the mod at one point, but was taken out to be replaced by something else...

Flying Delorean and driving Delorean (By Phil)

Cool BMW M5 model by CaptainCat

Mitsubishi Galant by Galahad

Same model I had in the GTA3 mod... Beautiful! By Manutius Design & FlyOnFire. Wheels are original Saleen-type.

Mercedes Actros to replace the Linerunner. By Marcel Hennersdorf

Ferrari Testarossa Koenig by Yazu

Porsche 911 Carrera by Ruslev

T80 tank by Majestic

Just a new skin by me ;)

Honda S2000 lowrider by FormulaRedline

BMW Z4 by Phil

My very own juggernaut 2 in the game! By Fragdieb & Diki

Dune Buggy by SuperMotoXL & NechtoS

Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R by Ashdexx

Mercedes G500 by Ruslev

Landrover Freelander by Barbarries

Peugeot 205 GTI by Eddy55

Lada 2101 Monster version by Y Z Alfabetu & Gacus. Chassis by SupermotoXL. For people that are trying to compensate for something...

Changed both load and exit screens... Not done yet, but getting there ;)
I plan on changing them with every version I publish, but I'm not sure if I will. The screens below are not the ones in the mod, due to the fact that there are prohibited vehicles in them ;)

Try racing in the hotring - it's so much cooler with all 3 types of racecars replaced.
Note: since I don't have permission from the creator of the toyota's yet (can't seem to find an address for him), they are not yet replaced. Would be great to be able to replace them though ;) )

Ducati 996 (GREAT model) by Ganjica

Hey look! It's the first credits-board ;)

Ford Crown Victoria Police Car by Blaer

I unlocked several vehicles so they appear in the game, the hearse is one of them...

Toyota Landcruiser 80 by Ruslev

MG Midget by Eddy Brown

Caterham Super Seven by Eddie Brown

Changed the moon again (Yeah I know, same thing I did in GTA3...)

Finally took a pic of the tuned faggio

Improved Saleen - New wheels, textures, reflections, and whatnot... Still by Flyonfire
Since this model has custom wheels, there was no need for me to keep the custom wheels I imported for this car, so I went back to the original wheel-textures...

Lamborghini Countach LP400 by Flyonfire

Kamazz Military Truck by Abrosimoff Vladislav

London cab by _Rich_

Speederbike by Weirdfish

Starfighter by Weirdfish

Ford Escort Cosworth Rally by MPD




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