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Welcome to my


As you probably know, you can download my GTA:VC mod here.

Why mod the game?
- It's a brilliant game, but after you've finished it, it may never come off the shelves again. When modding the game, you add some life to the game, and basically make it fun all over again. Also some people are 'frustrated' with the fact that the cars in the game don't look like real cars. When modding a game, you can call the car what you want...

What did you do?
- A lot of skinning, and no modelling, basically. Making a single car model takes several months, so it would have been impossible for me to make several cars while the game is still current. I used models made by other people, and inserted them into the game. This is not as easy as it may seem: there are serious difficulties when making all cars co-exist in the game. Other full-mod makers have had to cancel their projects because they couldn't make it work. What have I done different? I don't know. I guess I got lucky ;)

Where are you taking this?
- I have currently replaced about 60 vehicles in the game, which is quite a lot. I have also changed loading screens and several textures in the game. The intent is to change every vehicle and a lot of landmarks in the game. I'd also like to add some new buildings, if I like them. So far I have not found one extra building I liked and that could be inserted into the game without problems.

Is modding the game hard?
- Not at all. You need the right tools, and a lot of time. I learnt a lot from modding GTA3, so I had a small head-start. But if you want to do it yourself, just try and you'll see it's not that hard - at all. All the tools and information you need can be found online.

I think this is really cool! Can I help?
- Sure. You can always make suggestions about new cars you like, I might test them and put them in one of the mods. You can also do other things, like tune a car or change the colors. If they're any good, send them to me and I'll take a look. If you make some significant changes, you will be credited (maybe not in-game, the texture I use is a bit too small for that). However, do NOT send me mails with attachments. Just put the attachments online and mail me the link. Hotmail-mailboxes are really - really small.




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