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The Readme

Welcome to KillerKip's Full GTA3 modpack!

* Installation: see bottom of this file.
* Set the language to KillerKip's if you want the right carnames to appear.

(Everything with no name or brackets is made by me.)

* Buildings
- Carrefour
- Postbuilding
- 'MMMMMelk' - building
- 'De Gouden Gids' - building
- Quick in Chinatown
- 'De Smet & Van Diest' in little italy
- Pizza Hut under bridge 1 (TheMankie)
- Makro in Shoreside
- Forcom computer store under bridge 2
- Banks turned into BBL
- Miss Liberty (ODIE and Rowell Ray Sheh)
- ShoreSide Bridge (MrMilti)
- Bridge to lighthouse (MrMilti)
- Snickers building
- Staunton Plaza is now KillerKip Plaza
- Brighter building in Portland (near the bridge)
- Blue Stadium

* Cars
- Mercedes A Taxi (DJ_Sergio)
- BMW 5-series Taxi (Asche & XFELD)
- Peugeot 406 'taxi' (Don3k & Yuriy Antipin)
- Peugeot 205 (Eddy55)
- Dodge from The Fast & The Furious (Nietzke)
- Coca-cola truck (Gobby)
- Mini Cooper S (Jonathan Mase & Stecki)
- BMW M5 FBI-car (CaptainCat)
- VW Golf V5 (Don3k & Martin Leps)
- Go-kart instead of BFInjection (Alper Saracoglu)
- Postvans
- Dumptruck (Kirill Kasatkin)
- Saleen S7 (Flyonfire & MANUTIUS DESIGN)
- RC Bobcat (?)
- Lamborghini Murcielago (M4CK)
- Securitas Vans
- Train & subway are NMBS models
- Renault Clio Sport (PG Racing)
- Mercedes S55 AMG (Don3K)
- Ferrari F50 (Flyonfire)
- Coaches are 'De Lijn'
- Orange TrashTrucks
- Ambulance is 'Ambuce'
- Mitsubishi Galant (Galahad)
- DeLorean DMC-12 from Back To The Future 2 (Phil)
- Landrover Defender (Eddy Brown)
- Tank is a T-80 (majestik)
- SWAT - vans
- Audi RS6 (M4CK)
- Chevrolet Tahoe (lowrider69)
- Improved Hum-Vee (Triple xXx)
- Old School Stretch (bongs4ever)
- Seat Leon (Yazu & Toope)
- City Bus (BarBarries)
- Landrover Freelander (BarBarries)
- Volkswagen Beetle Lobo (_Rich_)
- Caterham Super 7 (Eddy Brown)
- Tricycle Delivery Vans (DJ_Sergio)
- Mercedes G500 (Zhenyok & RusLev)
- Ford Explorer (Luminus)
- BMW Z4 (Phil)
- Ferrari 355 (GaCus)
- Forklift (Illspirit)
- Flatbed Portable Ramp (DieselGT)

* Misc. Stuff
- Some advertisement for me and
- Cameo appearances for: SuSEQ, Schizo, Hades, Metaldennis, BZguy, Ducky, Lorenzo.
- Blue roadsigns (Minimi)
- Color radar (CanadaMan & The Un-American)
- Different helicopter skins (JeyBee)
- Xenon headlights (Majkee)
- Own logo in different locations
- Gangs aren't hostile (King Killer)
- Red postboxes
- Big plane is red
- Postboxes
- Modified the first hideout a bit
- Borgnine taxi co. has Daniel's Taxi and is dubbed Pizza Joe's
- Stairs leading to the roof of Donald Love's building (Peter Magenheimer)
- Belgacom - phones
- Pedestrian lights say 'Lopen - Nie Lopen' instead of 'Walk - Don't Walk'
- ET Moon
- Car names are correct in-game
- Dodo is now fully-winged (J4ckR4BBiT)
- Everything is in Euro's
- Flamethrower is replaced by SuperSoaker (Phil)
- BaseBallBat is replaced by StarWars LightSaber (Special thanks to Phil, for making the custom sword - soaker file)
- GoodYear Airship (Rajder)
- Water is a bit less polluted
- Stairs to the roofs around the first hideout (:SP:"U9")
- new HUDs for sniperrifle and rocketlauncher
- WheelMOD (DMagic)
- Lots of 'taxi' ads
- Triads are now Born2OC
- Some new ads (Ferux)

* Many thanks to all the people mentionned here.

* Known problem: The ford explorer is still a beta-version and has some errors.

* Please mail me any comments / improvements you might think of: it's the only way I can make it (even) better...


Okay, the installation is easy as hell. First, install GTA3. Install the 1.1 patch (This is not obligated but recommended.). Then, run it at least once. This means: get into the game, beyond the point where it says 'converting textures etc...'.
Then, run the KipsMod installation EXE, and specify your GTA3 root folder. Then click install, and wait a significant time. (I know it takes about 1.5 mins on an athlon XP1800+ with 512 MB DDR). Wait for the prompt and click ok.
Go into the game and change the language to KillerKip's. Now you're set! Have Fun!
I recommend installing on a fresh copy. Installing over an existing (modded) version will result in... problems. Check out my page for additional information. .




Copyright KillerKip 2010