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Version Overview

New in version 1.0 - 1.1 - 1.2

Belgacom-phones and boxes from 'De Post'

Hades' Cameo

SuSEQ's Cameo

New Trafficlights

The NMBS Train, and Cameo's by TheDarkAvenger and Schizo

The new cameo for TheDarkAvenger (he didn't like the one above - I wonder why ;) )

A Lamborghini Murcielago (By M4CK)

CokeTruck (By Gobby)

View on top of Donald Love's building

The fastest way down:

Another view of the stairs to DLove's roof (By Peter Magenheimer)

Ferrari 360 Modena (By Sinan Kabak)

Saleen S7 (By MANUTIUS DESIGN & FlyOnFire)

An extra bridge in Shoreside (By MrMilti)

Pizza Joe from the movie 'Taxi' and Daniel's taxi (Taxi model by Don3k & Yuriy Antipin)

Miss Liberty! (By ODIE and Rowell Ray Sheh)

Camaro instead of Diablo cars (By AdR)



Born2OC Building

Born2OC billboards


Some advertising for me!

Peugeot 205 (By PG Racing)

BBL in stanton - There are more of em in Portland

...Like this one:




Postbuilding in Shoreside - Back

- Front

My ET-Moon


To stay in the Taxi-atmosphere: the BMW 5-series Taxi (By Asche & XFELD)

Forcom computerstore

Look, it's a Quick!

Bugatti EB110 (By ?)

Cartel cars come in different colors

Russian Dumptruck (By Kirill Kasatkin)

Ferrari F50 (By Flyonfire)

Mitsubishi Galant (By Galahad)

VW Golf (By Don3k & Martin Leps)

The Mafia Car: A Mercedes S55 AMG (By Don3k)

MetalDennis' Cameo

Airplane - wing

FBI-BMW M5 (By CaptainCat)

Mercedes A Taxi (By DJ_Sergio)

RC Bobcat (By ?)

New in version 1.3

Changed the Aldi to a Carrefour... Still not done, yet...

Belgified TrashMaster

The Go-Kart (Great fun, By Alper Saracoglu)

Renault Clio Sport (By PG Racing)

Bridge to the lighthouse (By MrMilti)


'De Lijn' is also present

Ambuce replaces Ambulance

New in version 1.4

GoodYear Blimp (By Rajder)

DeLorean DMC-12 from Back To The Future 2 (By Phil)

Water is a bit less polluted

Tank is a T-80 (By Majestic)

Ducky's Cameo

SuperSoaker (By Phil)

The slightly modified hideout with a Saleen again

Stairs to the roofs around the first hideout (By :SP:"U9")

Landrover Defender (By Eddy Brown)

Credits billboard updated

new phones

Also, I played around with some stunt-maps, but couldn't find one that was REALLY very good... And I want only premium material in my MOD. So, no stunt park yet...

I changed the cheetah-tuning. It was just too fast, to a point where it was actually slower to get around with than the original one. So the tuning is now much more moderate...

I improved some textures, like the one above the first hideout, carrefour, etc... I like them better this way

The phonebooths have also been changed. I don't know if I'm gonna keep them that way, though... Mail me with any thoughts about it!

Also, I finally convinced myself to install DMagic's wheelmod. The T80 had a lot to do with it, and it was only then that i realised it RULES!!! Thx DMagic!

New in version 1.5

De Smet & Van Diest in little Italy

Gouden Gids building

DeLore computerstore in Chinatown

SWAT - van


Cleaned up the Projects - buildings

Makro in Shoreside

MMMMMelk building

Chevy Truck (By lowrider69)

Improved Hum-Vee (By Triple xXx)

Old School Limo (By bongs4ever)

New skin for the triads - they had the vans, now they have the clothes!

Improved DogFood - Factory

Seat Cupra (By Reneder)

Porsche 911 Turbo (By Flyonfire)

As I am a great TAXI-fan, I thought I'd make an hommage to the movies in the game. Also, I didn't know what else to put there ;)

BaseBall Bat is replaced by StarWars - LightSabre (Special thanks to Phil for the file that combines the supersoaker and this one - obviously this model's By Phil)

I also made some adjustements to the advertisements and posters on broadway. And Replaced the Bolt Burgers there by a Quick.

Improved the carrefour slightly.

Downtuned the Saleen again - it was too fast. If anyone can give me a kickass handling line for that car, it's welcome...

New in version 1.6

The bus is now replaced by a nicer model (By Barbarries)

Seat Leon replaces the old Cupra which replaced the Moonbeam. This is just a better model!
(By Yazu & Toope)

Landrover Freelander (By Barbarries)


New Dodge from The Fast And The Furious to replace the old Camaro (to solve texture problem) (By Nietzko)

And finally, the credits...

New in version 1.7

Beetle replaces the Yardie Lobo (By _Rich_)

New building in Portland

Tricycle delivery vans (By DJ_Sergio)

Saleen wheels are 'real'

Mini Cooper S replaces the Ferrari Modena. I was tired of the ferrari problem, and this model is simply GREAT! (By Jonathan Mase & Stecki )

Staunton Plaza is now KillerKip's Plaza

The stadium is blue and no longer features the cocks ;)

Caterham Super7 replaces the 'Corpse'. The advantage of this is that a new car can be introduced into the game. The disadvantage is, that the carname, when you get into it, is still 'Renault Clio Sport', and the handling is identical. But the model is great. (By Eddy Brown)

Cartel Cruisers are replaced by the Mercedes G500. (By Zhenyok & RusLev)

Ford Explorer (By Luminus)

Postvans are just a bit cooler than the previous ones...

BMW Z4 (By Phil)

Ferrari 355 (By GacuS)

Improved DeLorean - with those nifty wing-doors ;) (By Phil, ofcourse)

Panlantic van was replaced by forklift (By illspirit)

The Flatbed Portable Ramp is (finally) included! (By DieselGT)

Flames, from flamethrower and other, are orange again.

Replaced the papers flying around, as well as the porn-mags at the first hideout.

FINALLY got the Saleen tuned right...

Some new posters around the city, thanks to Ferux.

Also, the blista is no longer replaced by the tahoe. The tahoe now replaces the 'Pony'.

Upped a newer version, with some bugfixes, called V1.7b




Copyright KillerKip 2010