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KipsMod FAQ

Where's the what from the who? (AKA find the car - list) (under construction)

What's the when in the how? (AKA which car's which - list)

How do I install your mod? (AKA KipsMod ABC)


Even though the installation procedure of my mod is as simple as hell, there are still a lot of people that seem to have problems installing it. Here is a short overview of their problems:


Q: I installed your mod, but when I start the game and try to load my savegames, i get the error:
"Unhandled Exception: c0000005 At address: 0047890d". What should I do?
A: First of all, read the readme. Most of the time, this error is generated bij trying to install my mod on a non-fresh copy of GTA3. Reinstall your copy and try again.


Q: I tried to install the mod, but I get this error:
"Of fiddle sticks... Cannot open d:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\models\txd.img- Installation will now halt. All modified files have been backed up into d:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\backup\KillerKip's GTA3 Mod! VX.X\" (or equivalent)
during the installation process. Just how screwed am I?
A: You're not screwed, I wouldn't dream of screwing you (honestly!). This means that you have not read the readme. What you need to do, is do a clean install, install patch 1.1 (not necessary, but recommended), and run the game at least once. This means, run it beyond the point it says 'Converting textures', and actually get into the game...


Q: I reinstalled the game, and want to run it to convert the textures, but the game hangs itself on the blue rockstar logo. What happened?
A: You are the proud owner of an illegal copy, and will not get any support from me on that matter.


Q: I want to play the game, but for some missions, the game says I need to get a certain car, e.g. a kuruma, but I don't know which car's which...
A: You can read it on this site, but I admit that when you're playing the game, the different car names can be quite confusing. Just set the language to English again, and the carnames will be restored. You will, however, not be able to play the full game with the mod installed. In a certain scene, Joey's working on his BFInjection. The game will hang at this point, because the physics of the BF have been seriously altered (Go-Kart). The game will not finish loading.


Q: I can't find the 1.1 patch anywhere!
A: Again, the 1.1 patch is not obligated, only recommended. The mod will work without the patch, but the patch improves gameplay in general, therefore it will also improve mod-performance...


Q: I've downloaded the mod, but would like to use some bits of it in combination with stuff i put into GTA3 myself: can you make an alternate version, in which I can download everything in pieces?
A: No. That's way too much work and I don't have the webspace to host that amount of data. Besides, the mod is a packaged deal, it's all or nothing. Sorry! ;)


Q: When I try to unrar one or all of your files, my winRAR says it is corrupt! What do I do?
A: Possibly, you've never extracted a multi-volume RAR. What you need to do, is download every single file, and put them in the same folder. Then, with winRAR installed, doubleclick the first one. Normally, the files should be extracted. I advise you to use winRAR rather than winACE, because with RAR you get to find out which, if any, file is corrupt, so you can download that specific file. If you did this, and the file is still corrupt or you can't open is, try downloading it again, or try getting a newer version of winRAR.


Q:When's the new version of your mod being published?
A: When it's done. I'm not going to hurry my mod, because I want to take my time and make it the best I can. If I were to hurry it, you'd have to download it over and over again because of the errors. So just be patient, and enjoy the current version.


Q:hey, I have a little request, its the "reshark", how can i extract txd.files so i can see them ind "paint".
Also: how can i locate a texture in the game I want replace with another one, Ex. some wall.
I hope to hear from you again, thank you.
A: First of all, it's "reshack". You open the program, and open the file txd.img. (in gta3/models folder) This are all the world-textures from the game. You search for the texture you want (yes, search, there's no index for it...) and extract the texture. You need to use the .tiff file format for textures, and therefore will not be able to view them in paint, because it's way too limited to support those. You need some other program, like photoshop, photopaint or paint shop pro. Edit the texture, and import it again. About the searching: there are some methods to use to find the textures more easily:
example: the first island textures (some of them, not all of them) start with 'ind', the second with 'com' and the third with 'sub'. If, for example, you need to find the supasave, you can guess it's under indsupasave. This is not always true, but it helps. More common buildings have their own names, like the subway...




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