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Home Made Custom Fanguard

Since I had modded my fan, and wanted to use it in a bigger casemod, I also needed a new fanguard. I can't be proud of my fan if it has one of those dreadful iron thingies to stop your fingers from being brutally severed from your hand. No, I needed something special. So, i took some leftover aluminum and cut it into a 120 * 120 mm square. The voyage had begun...

The small semi-circular form is half of a leftover hole frome some other project that didn't work out...

Next came 'The Drawing Of The Circle', to make sure I didn't cut off too much...

Now that I had my rough shape, I began drawing some lines on it

Mmmmmmmm fits nicely ;)

Next was the drilling: each 'shaded' form had to have at least one hole...

Now it was time to begin sawing the holes out. I used a figure-saw and small metal blades. Aluminum is very easy to form... Below is a pic of the progress after about 15 minutes.

Hours of sawing and sanding later, the result is really nice:

Another pic, close-up. Note the small markings on the inside of the holes. These are actually sanding-scratches, and are really, really small.

Finally, the place it will go when my next project is finished. Also a tiny sneak-preview of my upcoming work ;)




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