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Multicolor Fan

Everyone has seen them: at LAN-parties, computer fairs, stores, ... I had always thought those pimpy LED-fans were a bit over the top. But then, I had an 120mm enermax with clear fanblades and wanted to see if I could do it too. And I did.

First, I removed the powerlead, and reduced the standard RPM-control cable length. Then, I added a female Molex-plug for power. The first stage was completed. To add the LEDs, I drilled 3 3mm holes in each corner, and added a 6-lead connector for LED-power. I soldered the wires so that I used 1 for mass and 1 for each colour LED. The blue wire is for blue LEDs, red for red, green for green. Logically. I think it's quite obvious how I did it, so I'll blind you with pictures.

From left to right: Some wires and some silicone - throttle adjustement - power for fan and LEDs - on/off button - some more wires

A closer look at the not-so-neat soldering job I did. I covered it all with silicone so that it wouldn't shortcircuit and stay in place.

As you can see, the green colour comes out worst. This is probably because it's a different kind of LED, and I didn't notice it until I had already attached the (wrong) resistor. Can't be helped! The pink-colour is achieved by lighting red and blue simultaneously for that extra pimpy look. All colours can work completely independent.

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