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My Computer

This is my computer. After the first watercooling attempt I went back to aircooling, and continued to work on another watercooling setup. If you've been to my site before, you'll notice a small difference: I've combined the entire watercooling1 - story into one big page. This is easier for me to manage since I have 12 or so pages less to update and upload, and got rid of those stupid 'small' pages, with 3 lines of text and a picture. This way, the surfer (i.e. you :) ) will need a fast connection or a fair amount of patience, but it seriously reduces the strain on yout indexfinger: one click instead of so many...

Finally, I bought a Lian-Li case and customised it only slightly. The idea was to end messing around with cases, and make one final, definitve case.

Config - The first one - The second one - Aircooling - The Case To End All Cases




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