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My Aircooling-Attempt

After doing something stupid to the box I use to switch my waterpump on and off, I shorted out my pump and it died. The funeral was short and violent, and I was pumpless. So, as a temporary solution, I tried aircooling. A friend of mine had a CPU-cooler I could have (Thanks again!), and now that I didn't need to cool a radiator anymore, I also had a spare 120mm fan. So I decided to put them together.

I made a duct in thin aluminum which, with some measuring, fitted nicely between my cables, PSU, and VGA-card.

I did this beacuse I still hate all that noise most computers make. Now, I let the fan run at 7V, which makes it nice and quiet. The 80mm fan at the graphics card was already installed when watercooling, so I let it be. I was truly amazed of the PC's quietness after these modifications. The main noise-producing item in my case is still the hard disk (Maxtor), which I will replace with a silent seagate when SerialATA arrives, and I have some cash. Until then, this is the setup I'm using:

I just feel my case is so very empty now... Oh well, I'll get over it...




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